Fair Finance Foundation. Our mission and goals.

There are no “somebody else’s children” for us!

The mission and the main objective of this charity recently set up in Kiev, is to improve the quality of life and increase the level of education for orphans and children without parental care in Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia and others.


Ніжинський дитячий будинок - інтернат Nizhyn orphanage
Mission №70

We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn on Wednesday, Apr. 12th We received a letter from the management of Nijinsky orphanage with a request to help with buying summer shoes, socks for boys, towels for children. We decided to help them. In addition, the second task for us was to look for living […]

mission-69 Orphanages
Mission №69

The Lyceum was created in 2004, on the basis of the vocational school, which provides secondary vocational education for orphans, children left without parental care, children from low-income families. In the Lyceum, children receive the following professions: electric welder, driver, painter, plasterer, cook, waiter, seamstress – embroiderer, tailor. The lyceum has a dormitory accommodation. Currently, […]

Сумський Центр Соціально-психологічної реабілітації The Center for Psychological & Social Rehabilitation of Sumy region
Mission №68

We have not been here before, so, first, we looked at the living conditions of children’s stay. Despite extremely low financing, the building is being renovated gradually. There is a beautiful room for psychoemotional unloading, art therapy, music therapy and so on in the center. Currently, 9 teenage girls from 14 to 17 years old […]

mission-67 Nizhyn orphanage
Mission №67

By tradition, we are going to this orphanage together with volunteers. This time, 10 people had gathered. This is the group of people who constantly visit this orphanage. Together, we trying to spend time with kids here in such way that orphans will remember our visit. We made a culinary master class – prepared hot […]

mission-66 Korostyshevska special boarding school
Mission №66

We have planned this trip especially to the International Women’s Day – 8 March. Few volunteers have joined us. We have planned workshops for children. Also, we collected clothes, shoes, and toys for boys and girls, from those people who wanted to help. In addition, we have prepared gifts for each girl and, as our […]

mission-65 "Gnizdechko" orphanage
Mission №65

We have conducted a new mission to the Vinnytsia on Wednesday, March. 1st.   We had planned this trip previously and agreed to our visit with the management of the orphanage. Immediately after arrival to the Vinnytsia, I have met with a tutor of the orphanage and went to the store where we bought beads for […]

img_9878 Novoborivskyi orphanage
Dental care for orphans

This trip was not ordinary for us because we were part of the movement “Mercy Van” headed by Stephan Terletskiy. “Mercy Van” – is a movement that provides dental care to needy populations. Together we decided to help to Novoborivskyi orphanage. Within two years, we noted that most children have serious problems with the state of […]

mission-63 Korostyshevska special boarding school
Mission №63

We visited Korostyshev! We are always glad to see our friends.   We received a request for assistance with the purchasing of medicines and men’s shoes on the eve of the trip. We decided to help this institution. The people here are always happy to see guests and friends of the institution. We get a […]

mission-62 Nizhyn orphanage
Mission №62

We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn orphanage on Saturday, Jan. 28 The trip was planned together with a group of volunteers. It is the group of people who constantly visit this orphanage. Together, we trying to spend time with kids here in such a way that orphans will remember our visit. We have […]

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