Fair Finance Foundation. Our mission and goals.

There are no “somebody else’s children” for us!

The mission and the main objective of this charity recently set up in Kiev, is to improve the quality of life and increase the level of education for orphans and children without parental care in Ukraine and other Eastern Europe countries, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia and others.


mission-61 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage
Mission 61

Before the trip, we got a request from the Administration of the Center for winter shoes and medicines. We decided to respond to their requests and decided to help with shoes and, on this occasion, congratulated children with the upcoming holidays. Before the trip were bought 39 pairs of winter shoes. The trip lasted 2 […]

oriana "Ridny dim" orphanage“Oriana” orphanage
Mission 59-60

We tried to congratulate kids of orphanages, where we often go before the New Year holidays. But also, we decided to visit orphanages, that are on the long distant from Kiev, we visit them less frequently. On the eve of the trip, we talked with the management of orphanages and specified basic needs. Per their […]

New-Borova-orphanage Novoborivskyi orphanage
Mission №58

  Before the trip, we received by post letters from all 83 orphans of Novoborivskyi orphanage. These letters were written to St. Nicholas Day by the girls, they expressed their wishes and dreams. Therefore, this trip was very important – we take the responsibility to implement all 83 letters. Preparation to this mission was conducted […]

kovzani "Gnizdechko" orphanage
Mission №57

We could not forget to greet our friends from “Gnizdechko”  orphanage because it is the most desired holiday for children. We try to make each trip special. And this mission – not the exception. We spent the whole day together in Vinnytsia. First, we acquired a large amount of necessary warm clothes. Then, after all, […]

1 Nizhyn orphanage
Mission №54

  Our team fully prepared for the International Day of people with disability trip. We visited disability people orphanage to bought several wear units, sweets, and fruits. It’s an institution for children with physical and mental disabilities and this day is celebrated each year. Volunteers collected an old wear, toys for the children. We gathered all […]

vstrecha-vypusknikov1 Blog, Our projects
The second meeting of orphanage graduates

As part of our project «We are together, We are with you» to help graduates, who study in Kiev region –  we organized a club for them. We hold meetings in the club once a month. We pick the topic which is actual for the orphans and invite interesting speakers. In the process our graduates […]

5 Nizhyn orphanage
Mission №53

This trip was planned with volunteers. This institution is for children with disabilities (mental and physical) – they have a steady day. That’s why our visits are usually in the morning till the dinner. This time our mission included: – preparing hot sandwiches (3 and 4 profile) – watercolor paintings (3 and 4 profile) – […]

1 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage
Mission №52

  The main three goals of this trip are: the realization of the project “It is trendy to be healthy” and communication with children about the topics from last meetings. presentation the Guide book “Superheroes secrets” to congratulate the authors of crafts, sold on auction and give them presents. It was a two-day trip. Previously, […]

gnizdechko "Gnizdechko" orphanage
Mission №50

  Our trip was planned specifically to holidays in Vinnytsia schools. The Foundation employee Ivanna was a three days held together with orphans from “Gnizdechko” orphanage. Previously, we have agreed with them, how we can use funds raised at the auction in Paris. They expressed a desire to go on a trip in Kamenetz-Podolsk and […]

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