About us



Fair Finance Foundation founded in December 2014. Foundation provides help to orphanages, special schools for children without parental care and rehabilitation centers.  New CEO was elected in 2011 and he decided to change the project goal to help orphanages in the Eastern Europe. This idea matured and now being implemented to life.


Our mission

The main for Fair Finance Foundation is to improve the quality of life and education level for orphans and children. All orphans that were left by parents care in Ukraine and another’s Central Eastern Europe countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova etc. For Foundation is very important to communicate with children. We try to help them not only financially but also morally.


Missions organized


The children received our assistance


Orphanages visited


UAH spent to help children

How we help

Material  addressed aid – we define urgent actual needs of the orphanages also buy goods or other assistance. All goods and assistance provided directly to children. Reports are posted on the site.

Activities organization for children – all kinds of trips, tours, performances, entertainment events, master classes and competitions.

Graduates assistance. “We are together, we with you” project. We assist children to start adult life outside the orphanage after final examinations and admission to educational institutions.

“It’s trendy to be healthy” project – in this project we conduct interviews with children and we have developed handouts and information products for teenage children.

Our team

All donations received by the Fair Finance Foundation sent only to charities 
that is the basic principle of foundation work.