Creative contest “Look at the world with love”

Творчий конкурс "Подивись на світ з любов'ю"

Hello dear friends!

We want to inform you about the contest!

Within two years of child care, we had the idea to organize a creative competition. In which children, could look at the world from different angles of view and see in it something beautiful and unique.

This creative contest is for children from orphanages.

The participation: Every child can take part in the contest. Without any restrictions in age but without an airplane contraindications to fly and attraction skating. (please look at the main contest prize).  Participant can act as one person and a group of up to 3 persons.

The contest conditions: to develop children’s creative skills and abilities and creative thinking. Help them to see the world in good side. To develop a love for art and to improve the love to all word around them.

The task: To create a creative work on contest theme “Look at the world with love”. It might be a picture, application, sculpture etc.

*The main requirement: the work must be done by own hands. In addition to the main work it’s necessary to write a short story about yourself, in which, will be reflected such questions:

– Tell about yourself

– What are you dreaming about

– What is your plans/dreams for the future?

– Where you plan to be after 10 years?

– Tell us about your work that you are proud of?

– What do you think is the main in life?

– What do you want to change in the world?

In case of the group work, the story should contain personal information about each participant. (It’s not necessary to answer each question listed above).

The deadline is till 1 May 2017.  The work might be send by post or should be agreed with foundation Coordinator the schedule of visits. If the group will visit the place, they will take a work by themselves.

The Rewarding will be at June 2017.
The rewarding will be in Kiev. For this exhibition, will be selected the best works. It will be the contest final. Where the winners will be announced.

The prizes:

1st place – the trip to Paris Disneyland;

2nd place – the sea vacation, duration 7 days;

3rd place – the tablet.

If you know somebody to whom it might be possible to send the information regarding our contest, please send it. Let’s be more children involved in the contest and have a chance to participate!

Please contact project coordinator Ivanna Romanyk for any clarifications.

Cell: +380673237791


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