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"Gnizdechko" orphanage

Mikhail Basuk is the director of “Gnizdechko” orphanage supervising it nearly 33 years almost from the beginning of its creation. The good atmosphere reigns in this orphanage. Children are always very glad to guests. We have become real friends and spent a lot of time together. Orphans involved in sports also they like to dance. Dance instructor several times a week come to them. They have already achieved the first successes. Orphanages won first place in a dance competition. Not only the sport is the main activity. Children making a handiwork products from beads and lines.

Khmelnytske shosse street, building 110, Vinnytsia town, Ukraine

"Gnizdechko" orphanage

For this moment, the orphanage is home to 70 children aged from 4 to 17 years, ten of them are preschoolers. All the children are divided into 6 groups, the two groups are brought up children with mental disabilities. They attend a special class in urban school. Living conditions at the orphanage are good. In the room is warm and comfortable. There are the Internet and several computers for each group.

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mission-65 Orphanages
Mission №65

We have conducted a new mission to the Vinnytsia on Wednesday, March. 1st.   We had planned this trip previously and agreed to our visit with the management of the orphanage. Immediately after arrival to the Vinnytsia, I have met with a tutor of the orphanage and went to the store where we bought beads for […]

kovzani Orphanages
Mission №57

We could not forget to greet our friends from “Gnizdechko”  orphanage because it is the most desired holiday for children. We try to make each trip special. And this mission – not the exception. We spent the whole day together in Vinnytsia. First, we acquired a large amount of necessary warm clothes. Then, after all, […]

gnizdechko Orphanages
Mission №50

  Our trip was planned specifically to holidays in Vinnytsia schools. The Foundation employee Ivanna was a three days held together with orphans from “Gnizdechko” orphanage. Previously, we have agreed with them, how we can use funds raised at the auction in Paris. They expressed a desire to go on a trip in Kamenetz-Podolsk and […]

IMG_8575 Orphanages
Mission №40

The mission was conducted May 19th, 2016. The 40th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living at the orphanage and ten of them are pre-school age. They are divided into 6 groups, 2 of them being groups for children with mental disabilities. The […]

гніздечко 37-3 Orphanages
Mission №37

The mission was conducted April 21th, 2016. The 37th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage in the town of Vinnytsia, 260 km from Kiev. Gnizdechko orphanage has existed for 35 years and Mykhailo Viktorovych has been the Director from the very beginning. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living […]

mission-34 Orphanages
Mission №32

This was already the fourth visit to the “Gnizdechko” orphanage. This time, the main purpose of the trip was to help in purchasing shoes for the national dance contest. As was noted earlier, some orphans are engaged in dances (hip-hop) with a local trainer, who visits children two or three times per week. They have […]

mission-28 Orphanages
Mission №28

This is the third visit to the orphanage. The girl often writes us and invite us to come. Of course, we couldn’t to forgot to congratulate them with the coming holidays. The main purpose of the visit was to create a holiday mood for girls. As each child has their own desires, needs, we decided […]

mission 23 Orphanages
Mission №23

We made the second visit of our team into this orphanage. The first visit we conducted a month ago – on October 22. (19th Mission). Our team really became a friend with kids and we actively kept in touch with them the whole time, so we decided to visit them and, to make a small […]

mission-19 Orphanages
Mission №19

Point of destination: Gnizdechko orphanage in Vinnytsia. Address: Vinnytsia, vul. Khmelnytske shosse 110 (260 km from Kyiv) Info about the orphanage: Gnizdechko exists for 35 years now. Mykhailo Viktorovych, its director, has been employed there for 33 years. At this moment 70 kids, aged 4 to 17, are being raised there, 10 of them being pre-school, […]

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