Child-house / Korostyshevska special boarding school
Korostyshevska special boarding school

Korostyshevskaya special boarding school is situated near the river. The children here learn to love nature and their native land. Tutors and teaching staff are very nice and friendly. The conditions in orphanage is good. There is separate kitchen it’s possible to say a workhouse for children where they can learn the basics of cooking and preparing for themselves. The workshop was created as a place of social adaptation. It helps children to improve their skills which will be useful for future life after when they finish the school.  The education is going here for special plans excluded some items more simplified program, etc. It’s important to help able orphans to get some profession. The social adaptation workshop is very important and useful. During our visits, we conduct different masterclasses on preparation of different dishes. Children like it a lot because the process itself is interesting and the result is delicious. The graduates like to make something by their own hands not only cooking. We with big pleasure watching for this process and delighted with their handmade products.

1 Urytskogo str., Korostyshev, Kyiv region, Ukraine

Korostyshevska special boarding school

Korostyshevska special boarding school is for children with lack of mental disabilities functioning from 1954. The school is an educational and correctional-contributing institution that provides orphans educational training on special curricula programs and textbooks combined with a long rehabilitation and correction of deficiencies psychophysical development. In a boarding school lives and studies 120 children aged between 7 and 18 years.

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We have planned this trip especially to the International Women’s Day – 8 March. Few volunteers have joined us. We have planned workshops for children. Also, we collected clothes, shoes, and toys for boys and girls, from those people who wanted to help. In addition, we have prepared gifts for each girl and, as our […]

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Mission №63

We visited Korostyshev! We are always glad to see our friends.   We received a request for assistance with the purchasing of medicines and men’s shoes on the eve of the trip. We decided to help this institution. The people here are always happy to see guests and friends of the institution. We get a […]

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We continue to provide new help following the results of the auction. Korostyshev orphanage has presented group and individual crafts on the Auction. We have contacted with the administration of the orphanage about their needs and how we can help them by the using the money of group crafts from the auction and about what […]

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The mission was conducted April 14th, 2016. The 36th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation was to help the orphanage in the Korostyshiv town, nearly 109 km from Kyiv. There 120 kids with physical disabilities and mental disorders live in the house, where they are provided with special education programs and text-books. The talented kids […]

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The mission was conducted April 1st, 2016. The 34th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation was to help for the third time the Korostyshiv town orphanage, nearly 109 km from Kyiv. The 120 kids living in the Korostyshiv orphanage are diagnosed with mental and physical disabilities. Even if the kids there face life with various […]

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At 10 a.m. we met volunteers and hit the road. Around 11:30 we arrived at the destination. We followed the program conceived the day before. On arrival to the institution, we separate the girls and boys and interviewed them on hygiene and sexual education. Then we conducted the survey. We paid more attention to the […]

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Mission №29

Before the trip, we bought all the necessary products, demanded by the orphanage Directorate. We met the pupils of the boarding school  before  in the park “Winter country”. We noticed, that  three boys was in very bad, torn shoes, so we decided to give them new ones. We arrived at the place of our destination […]

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