Mission №50



Our trip was planned specifically to holidays in Vinnytsia schools. The Foundation employee Ivanna was a three days held together with orphans from “Gnizdechko” orphanage. Previously, we have agreed with them, how we can use funds raised at the auction in Paris. They expressed a desire to go on a trip in Kamenetz-Podolsk and Khotyn fortress. It was pleasantly us to point funds exactly at such activity. Except to excursions, it was decided to purchase the materials for creativity. In general, it was decided to transfer funds to the orphanage administration for events above. (The orphanage teachers asked to make purchases on the local market to save money. Where you can not always get a check).

The entire collective of the orphanage asked Ivanna to stay for the night in an orphanage for two next nights and she agreed. These days were saturated with communication with children. We told many interesting stories to each other, shared ideas and talked about the future.

The foundation employee tried to support children in their dreams and aspirations also tried to motivate them for a realization of their plans. The time spent together for three days is priceless because arriving just only for one day it is impossible to build such contact.

On the second day, we went on an excursion all passed very well, new places and new stories. The theme of Middle Ages pleased orphans a lot. The children were glad to see and to know something new.

On Thursday, the last day of the visit, Ivanna went shopping at the local market with tutors to control the end use of funds. Existing checks attached to the report.

During this visit, Ivanna distributed the “Superheroes secret book” to boys.

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