Mission №57


We could not forget to greet our friends from “Gnizdechko”  orphanage because it is the most desired holiday for children. We try to make each trip special. And this mission – not the exception. We spent the whole day together in Vinnytsia.

First, we acquired a large amount of necessary warm clothes. Then, after all, children came back from school, we went ride on ice-rink.  Almost all children love this type of spending time, so it was very fun. For some of them it was the first time in life on skates – and on the end of our skating, they were able to ride alone without any help! We returned to the orphanage full of positive emotions and impressions. Before that, we bought the products in order to prepare a salad together – kids love it. We often make cooking classes – orphans in child houses often have no choice in the diet that’s why they are happy to cook something for themselves, something that they do not eat in an orphanage in daily life. After dinner, everyone could try tea with cake.

The main purpose of this trip was, first of all – to give orphans the expressions and emotions, smiles and joy! It seems we have succeeded!

What we bought:

  • Winter jacket – 6 it
  • Warm sweater – 2 it
  • Trousers – 3 it
  • Winter shoes – 2 it
  • Sports shoes – 1 it
  • Ice rink
  • Sweets
  • Food products

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