Mission №70

Ніжинський дитячий будинок - інтернат

We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn on Wednesday, Apr. 12th

We received a letter from the management of Nijinsky orphanage with a request to help with buying summer shoes, socks for boys, towels for children. We decided to help them.

In addition, the second task for us was to look for living conditions in the orphanage and to find the place for the project of Mobile Dental Care for disabled children in this orphanage.

We know these kids very well. Every time they are so happy to see us! We are always happy to come here too. We met with all groups of children. They divided into groups depending on their physical and mental possibilities.

The Director was very kindly and open mind with us. She demonstrated the place where the dental chairs could be placed.

Boys here adore our driver – Victor. They stuck to him like pieces of plasticine))

The time, spent here, were full of warm atmosphere, sincere smiles, and benevolent people. We hope that we will come here in early June with the Mobile Dental Care “Mercy Trucks» to treat children.

The next goods were bought and brought to the Nizhynskyi orphanage:

Socks for boys 100 pairs.

Rubber slippers 70 pairs.

Towel for the face 20 pieces.

We received a letter of thanks from the administration of the orphanage.

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