Mission №10


The mission was conducted April, 23.

On April 16-22, we bought all things for our missions – shoes, food and ordered some medicine in Nizhyn town.

We started our mission at 7:30 AM on April, 23. After three hours we were in the orphanage.

Nizhyn orphanage is situated in the center of the town. Here educated 103 children with mental and physical disabilities from 4 to 18 years and boys and girls from 18 to 35 years (78 boys and 25 girls). These are children who are deprived of normal life. Someone lost the opportunity to talk, see, hear, someone to move, many children have defects with appearance, or mental retardation and mental development, but the worst thing that these children do not have parents.

We purchased medications for the Nizhyn orphanage as a director asked for help. In her words in the orphanage sorely lacked medicines. When we arrived, we were greeted by orphanage staff, we had a tour of the facility. We started with the rehabilitation room. Here we met with the younger children.

The girl in the photo, which I give candy –  Dasha told us a verse. Besides her sister. She has a worse situation with health – Intelligence is not preserved so she can’t speak.

Then we visited the youth department – older children who move only on a wheelchair.

They told us about themselves, show their work. Among them is the guy, Nicholay, who admires in engraving – he does a very good works.

In addition, the boy Slava told us a patriotic poem. Excerpt from the poem we published in our profile on Instagram.

Then we were shown a dance performed by children. Excerpt from the dance we published in our profile on Instagram. We liked it. After the concert, we talked to them. Kids really like to dance and performing – they were delighted.


They also love to be photographed))) after their performance, we had a whole photo session.

It is to be noted that the staff in the institution are very kind and friendly. We got a positive impression from the Nizhyn orphanage.

Director of the orphanage Elena Garmash said that the team truly loves, cares, experiences, happy and proud of the success of each child. They are trying to force their capabilities to create all conditions for training, physical development, recreation, and health.

– We take care that every child felt comfortable, cozy, like in a family. We try to do everything to ensure that our children could feel happy, learn to feel happy holidays, to dream and to believe in the reality of his hopes, – says the Director.

Together they live like in a family where the teachers, doctors, psychologists and other house staff replaced their, parents. With these people, they rejoice, cry, laugh, celebrate their birthday every New Year. However, despite the psychological and physical defects, these children can enjoy life.


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