Mission №23

mission 23

We made the second visit of our team into this orphanage. The first visit we conducted a month ago – on October 22. (19th Mission). Our team really became a friend with kids and we actively kept in touch with them the whole time, so we decided to visit them and, to make a small survey on topics from our last conversation to know how they have learned the material.

On Nov 24th, 2015 at 09:12 we departed to Vinnytsia by train. At 12:23 we arrived at the Vinnytsia.

Before the mission, we asked girls about their needs. Therefore, on arrival, we purchased some goods of personal care (shampoos, antiperspirants, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shower gels).

Apart from hygienic goods, we bought cookies. The bakery store «SmakoJAne” produce high-quality cookies with all natural ingredients. They gave a 10 kg of cookies to us for charity. Seven kilos we have taken to this orphanage.

At first, we visited a smaller group –  kids recognized us! It was a great pleasure for us. They just came back from school and had dinner, so kids gladly feast cookies that we brought. Every child has told us one or two of verse, for which received a bag of sweet. The kids showed us their school diaries, told about successes and, conversely, in what they do not succeed. We had a very pleasant time in the company of active and sociable children.


After some time, the older children were returning from school. They were very happy to see us, it was a very happy meeting. First, we talked about their life news, about school, and about entertainment. At 4 pm orphans have a hip-hop dance lesson with the local teacher, she allowed us to attend their lesson because children asked her about this. We have got a great pleasure watching their training.

Then we met with all older girls in a separate room and spent an unforgettable two hours of time. First, we walked through the topics of our last conversation (sex education, hygiene). The girls, who were the most active and give correct answers to our questions have received a small gift – tights. (it is hard to get such things in orphanage). After the survey, we talked, laughed, they told us many stories of their life, summer camps, where they were in the summer, about the places where they were and would like to go. We even showed our skills in gymnastics – sit on twine, bridge. Girls really invited us to come in two days – so we can spend more time together. We really liked their idea. I have the idea about small gifts for every girl – photoshoot. I’ll take the camera next time and each girl will get beautiful photos. They dream about it at this age.

We were impressed by the method of thinking, views of the children of this orphanage. They are open, kind and fair. They distinguish bad from good and always eager to learn something new. Some of them know English well, some are dancing, some – athletes. We see a great perspective in these orphans.

Time was going very quickly. We have almost missed the train –  enjoyed the communication with children.

Parting was very sentimental – and we had to hug each other long time before said goodbye. We are already waiting for the next meeting with these kids.

At 18:33 we left Vinnytsia by train. The kids got in touch immediately via social network and wrote us. We were full of positive emotions.


We delivered the following things to Gnizdechko orphanage:

– Shower gel 13 pieces

– 8 sets of the toothbrush. x 2 pieces = 16 pieces

– Cotton buds 2 packs

– Antiperspirant men 6 pieces

– Antiperspirant female 10 pieces

– Shampoo 5 pieces

– Toothpaste 4 pieces

– Tights 2 pieces

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