Mission №28


This is the third visit to the orphanage. The girl often writes us and invite us to come. Of course, we couldn’t to forgot to congratulate them with the coming holidays.

The main purpose of the visit was to create a holiday mood for girls. As each child has their own desires, needs, we decided to make their dreams true and take them to the mall, where each girl chose a gift. The Director of the orphanage agreed to spend time with children outside the school.

The girls were delighted. Each girl chose an exactly what she needs. For a child from the orphanage is extremely important. As usually, somebody brings them things and they did not have the choice and opportunity to buy something that is so desirable.

This time they had the chance. We had a very nice time. The girls all the time telling life stories. We are having a friendship because girls opened in communication. Some of them tried to spend time alone with me and ask for advice, tell that worried. Of course, this is very nice.


After shopping we went to dinner, we tasted delicious pizza in a cafe in the shopping center. Cafe owner gifted ice cream for all girls.

Besides gifts for every girl we also bought the Christmas sweet gifts the request of the director and some attributes for the Christmas party, which will take place in an orphanage.

Director thanked us very much for having presented a holiday for girls, they were very happy and emotionally full after our evening. In addition, he told how rarely orphans find such close contact with someone and how this is important – when the children are older and can open with somebody other and share ideas and thoughts. Also, he invited to stay at the orphanage next time we will come. It was very pleasure.

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