Mission №37

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The mission was conducted April 21th, 2016.

The 37th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage in the town of Vinnytsia, 260 km from Kiev. Gnizdechko orphanage has existed for 35 years and Mykhailo Viktorovych has been the Director from the very beginning. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living at the orphanage and ten of them are pre-school age. They are divided into 6 groups, 2 of them being groups for children with mental disabilities.

One more time the Fair Finance Foundation visited an orphanage to announce the Paris auction results. It has been over a month since the charity auction, and the volunteers still tour the orphanages to deliver them raised money and to help the talented children in creating new crafts.

Both kids and educators listened to the volunteers and regarded the photos from the event with a great interest. The Director of the Gnizdechko orphanage expressed his deepest gratitude for this possibility to present the handmade items in the capital of France. The children were happy and proud to see the results of their creative work and inspired to do more!


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