Mission №38

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The mission was conducted April 28, 2016.

For the 38th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation the team went to the orphanage in the town Nizhyn, Chernigiv region, 175 km from Kyiv. There are 100 children currently under the care of this shelter. The children are brought here because their parents have died or lost parental rights due to alcoholism or other family dysfunctions that put the child at risk.

The kids from this orphanage created beautiful crafts for the charity auction held in Paris in March 2016, which raised 640 euros for this specific orphanage. With these proceeds, the team provided the orphans with shorts and summer shoes. After speaking with the educators of the orphanage, they also identified materials needed for the various workshops organized in the house.

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When the volunteers arrived at the orphanage, they were greeted by the smiling faces of both the children and teachers. The Fair Finance Foundation team was pleasantly surprised by a big concert gave by the kids – the children sang, recited poems and played musical instruments. Facing life with many challenges, the children did their best to arrange this performance.

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After the concert the orphans gave the microphone to the team so they could announce the auction’s results. The orphans who created the individual crafts sold during the auction were gifted with presents. At the end of the day the kids shared impressions of this exciting day and talked about their lives.

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Fair Finance Foundation delivered to the orphans:

– T-shirts
– Pants
– Sports shoes
– Shorts – 10 items
– Sandals – 20 items
– Sweets
– Juice – 100 packs

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