Mission №40


The mission was conducted May 19th, 2016.

The 40th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living at the orphanage and ten of them are pre-school age. They are divided into 6 groups, 2 of them being groups for children with mental disabilities.

The children from this orphanage created beautiful crafts for the charity auction held in Paris in March 2016. With these proceeds, the team provided the orphans with new craft materials so they could create new hand-made masterpieces.


This trip was also planned specially for celebrating the birthdays of Vera Kozak, one of the orphans. The volunteers did their best to make this day unforgettable! The FFF team brought balloons, a cake and a special gift – the Fair Finance Foundation girls diary, recently created by the team. Not only Vera, but all girls of the orphanage were excited about this book with lots of illustrations and advice for girls. The volunteers promised to gift the diary to every girl soon.


Once again, the team had a positive impression of the orphanage and enjoyed the time with the children.


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