Mission №53


This trip was planned with volunteers.

This institution is for children with disabilities (mental and physical) – they have a steady day. That’s why our visits are usually in the morning till the dinner.

This time our mission included:

– preparing hot sandwiches (3 and 4 profile)

– watercolor paintings (3 and 4 profile)

– cooking cream cakes (2 profile)

– paper applications (2 profile)

– active games (everyone who wants).

When we come to the orphanage, we usually spent time with all the children who are always happy to meet us. They are well-remembered guests who frequently come to them and it is very nice!

After the general meeting, we were divided into the groups of activities. Foundation team organized a culinary master class on cooking hot sandwiches and waffle cream cakes. Before that, we bought all required products. There are many children with disabilities. We decided to cook something easy because not everyone can fully raise any subject.

Children were very happy to spread condensed milk on waffle cakes and decorate them with fruits together with Foundation and volunteer’s command. Hot sandwiches – children who cannot straighten the hand but they tried to take all ingredients and put them on bread. We worked together as a command. An adult helped each child that’s why classes were a great pleasure. An adult spread the bread, the child takes all ingredients and put them on bread. Seems like it’s easy but for children with disabilities, it’s a true real celebration to make such sandwich! And after that will be another celebration to eat what have you done by own hands!

Application classes is another happy event in the lives of orphanage children. Together with the volunteers, they made Christmas ornaments. Ornaments made of paper and then ceremoniously decorated their room.

Children who began to paint felt like real artists. For this lesson was selected special water coloring. Coloring required only a water. All colors are already in the picture as a dry paint. The child need only to spend a wet brush and desired color appears on paper. With such coloring is very easy to work with disability children.

After all lessons, children invite us to assembly hall where we saw a small concert with dances, songs and fun.

We are very satisfied with our trip and the happy smiles of children showed us for the same feeling.

Was used:

– Food and packaging.

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