Mission №54



Our team fully prepared for the International Day of people with disability trip. We visited disability people orphanage to bought several wear units, sweets, and fruits. It’s an institution for children with physical and mental disabilities and this day is celebrated each year.

Volunteers collected an old wear, toys for the children. We gathered all things to provide for an orphanage.

The children and teachers have done a great work for preparing this celebration. They created many handmade products, costumes for” Disney celebration” performance.

The children created a fantastic performance. They showed a good atmosphere for the performance and each child had a certain image with makeup and costume.

It’s hard to imagine how much time was spent on performance preparation. Our group has been in Nizhyn orphanage many times as we know how hard for orphanages to remember the words and movements.

We were impressed by what we saw.

Then the performance was finished and the collective started an auction of the children’s works. Guests had a chance to buy handmade products. The project auction was related to collect the money for the elevator to children with strollers.

We had a chance to communicate with children’s after all events. They were very happy to see so many guests around in such important day for them.

Was used:

  • Man’s t-shorts 2 units, man’s pants 3 units;
  • Tangerines, sweets;
  • Man’s socks 20 units, puzzles – 4 units.

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