Mission №62



We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn orphanage on Saturday, Jan. 28

The trip was planned together with a group of volunteers. It is the group of people who constantly visit this orphanage. Together, we trying to spend time with kids here in such a way that orphans will remember our visit.

We have held two master classes: culinary and creative.

During the culinary master-class, we prepared sandwiches and waffle cakes with condensed milk, jam, and chocolate.

The Foundation Assistant Ivanna held the creative master-class. We were drawing by different methods: by fingers, ordinary and water colorings, we tried to select the color in accordance with the mood. In general – every child could choose what he likes.

We had a great time in a good atmosphere and enjoyed the time with children.

Children gathered us in assembly hall when the master-classes were finished. Kids wanted to show the concert to us. They prepared a dance. We know how important to show their training results and rehearsals for guests. They proud to be on scene.

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