Mission №65


We have conducted a new mission to the Vinnytsia on Wednesday, March. 1st.


We had planned this trip previously and agreed to our visit with the management of the orphanage. Immediately after arrival to the Vinnytsia, I have met with a tutor of the orphanage and went to the store where we bought beads for the producing of new crafts, orphans here love to engage in creativity and to do something by their hands. This time we decided to organize an event outside the orphanage and go to the bowling club, then eat pizza. It was a surprise for children- they did not know what awaits them.

They usually come back from school near 3 pm, once a month on Wednesday, they listen to a lecture by the museum staff that comes here. This Wednesday was especially. After lessons, I was waiting for them and I told them about our plan for the evening. Children were very happy this surprise – a time somewhere outside the orphanage is a real holiday for them! So, with a wonderful mood, we went to the entertainment center “Megamall.” We previously agreed about a 50% discount on the game of bowling with the administration of the bowling club.

We spent time in a wonderful atmosphere. Among the twelve orphans, several children were mentally retarded, for which a bowling game was extremely desirable, as almost every time they stay at the orphanage when all healthy kids go outside for some event. All kids were played, amused and competed who will knock down more skittles.

After the game, we ate pizza in the cafe. It’s a favorite dish of all kids!
How many emotions, smiles, and gratitude I watched during the evening! We had another unforgettable day together!

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