Mission №68

Сумський Центр Соціально-психологічної реабілітації

We have not been here before, so, first, we looked at the living conditions of children’s stay. Despite extremely low financing, the building is being renovated gradually. There is a beautiful room for psychoemotional unloading, art therapy, music therapy and so on in the center. Currently, 9 teenage girls from 14 to 17 years old and 6 teenage boys are in the center. We conducted classes with them regarding the program “IT’S TRENDY TO BE HEALTHY” and presented the educational products the Superhero’s Secrets Book and Dear Diary. We were not expecting that children will take an active part in questions discussion which related to the health, sport and the realization of their wishes. It should be noted that the children really liked our gifts. In addition, we’ve handed over the clothes from the volunteers directly to the kids.

We have a good impression after visit the Center.

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