Mission №69


The Lyceum was created in 2004, on the basis of the vocational school, which provides secondary vocational education for orphans, children left without parental care, children from low-income families.

In the Lyceum, children receive the following professions: electric welder, driver, painter, plasterer, cook, waiter, seamstress – embroiderer, tailor. The lyceum has a dormitory accommodation. Currently, 217 children, aged 15 to 18 years receives an education here. Duration of education is 3 years.

Our mission had an educational goal. We divided orphans into several groups and held classes with them in the framework of the Foundation’s Project «It’s trendy to be healthy”. Children listened to our information with great pleasure, it turns out that no one speaks to them about sex education, they know very little about STDs, about normal human physiology, etc. After the lesson, a lot of questions were asked, this indicates that our information made most children think about their health, their future, their development in society. We gave girls and boys our educational literature and left them condoms. We really liked this place and we hope that our meetings will be regular.

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