Mission №71

Рідний дім, дитячі будинки Львівщини

There was no news from us for a long time, really, we had many cases.

We spent a few days again, visiting orphanages of Lviv region. Among them «Ridny Dim» in the village Sasiv, «Oriana» in the town Borislav and «Ridny Dim» in the village Kornalovichi. This is the fourth our meeting and we are very happy to our friendship.

On the third day of Easter, we visited Sasiv. The children school holidays were continued ((guess why?)  – of course, it is very cold at school)) so we could spend more time together. We painted, folded puzzle and walked through the village – the children showed us the main memorable places – three Churches, a more beautiful and older for each other. Children are allowed to Clapper on Easter in this region because we spent time fun and loud!

And we scrambled eggs. It is not in the Lviv region because we told the children about the tradition in other regions. After of «Ridny Dim» we visited «Oriana», but the pupils are not so lucky here – the lessons not canceled, only reduced. We provide food and necessary things such as socks, underwear, means of personal hygiene for this orphanage.

The last destination point in our trip was orphanage located in village Kornalovichi. We negotiated with kids regarding projectIt’s trendy to be healthy. Also, we spoke with older children regarding of their future plans – because their profession selection is not an easy case! One of the graduates is already decided whom she wants to be! She even showed us. This girl liked haircutting art!

For us, it was a pleasure to spent three days with children laugh, noise and concertation in Lviv region! Thank you, our small friends!

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