Ніжинський дитячий будинок - інтернат Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №70

We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn on Wednesday, Apr. 12th We received a letter from the management of Nijinsky orphanage with a request to help with buying summer shoes, socks for boys, towels for children. We decided to help them. In addition, the second task for us was to look for living […]

mission-69 Orphanages
Mission №69

The Lyceum was created in 2004, on the basis of the vocational school, which provides secondary vocational education for orphans, children left without parental care, children from low-income families. In the Lyceum, children receive the following professions: electric welder, driver, painter, plasterer, cook, waiter, seamstress – embroiderer, tailor. The lyceum has a dormitory accommodation. Currently, […]

Сумський Центр Соціально-психологічної реабілітації The Center for Psychological & Social Rehabilitation of Sumy region,
Mission №68

We have not been here before, so, first, we looked at the living conditions of children’s stay. Despite extremely low financing, the building is being renovated gradually. There is a beautiful room for psychoemotional unloading, art therapy, music therapy and so on in the center. Currently, 9 teenage girls from 14 to 17 years old […]

mission-67 Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №67

By tradition, we are going to this orphanage together with volunteers. This time, 10 people had gathered. This is the group of people who constantly visit this orphanage. Together, we trying to spend time with kids here in such way that orphans will remember our visit. We made a culinary master class – prepared hot […]

mission-66 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №66

We have planned this trip especially to the International Women’s Day – 8 March. Few volunteers have joined us. We have planned workshops for children. Also, we collected clothes, shoes, and toys for boys and girls, from those people who wanted to help. In addition, we have prepared gifts for each girl and, as our […]

mission-65 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №65

We have conducted a new mission to the Vinnytsia on Wednesday, March. 1st.   We had planned this trip previously and agreed to our visit with the management of the orphanage. Immediately after arrival to the Vinnytsia, I have met with a tutor of the orphanage and went to the store where we bought beads for […]

img_9878 Novoborivskyi orphanage,
Dental care for orphans

This trip was not ordinary for us because we were part of the movement “Mercy Van” headed by Stephan Terletskiy. “Mercy Van” – is a movement that provides dental care to needy populations. Together we decided to help to Novoborivskyi orphanage. Within two years, we noted that most children have serious problems with the state of […]

mission-63 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №63

We visited Korostyshev! We are always glad to see our friends.   We received a request for assistance with the purchasing of medicines and men’s shoes on the eve of the trip. We decided to help this institution. The people here are always happy to see guests and friends of the institution. We get a […]

mission-62 Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №62

We have conducted a new mission to the Nizhyn orphanage on Saturday, Jan. 28 The trip was planned together with a group of volunteers. It is the group of people who constantly visit this orphanage. Together, we trying to spend time with kids here in such a way that orphans will remember our visit. We have […]

vstrecha-3 Blog
The third meeting of orhanage graduates

We hold a meeting with graduates of orphanages every month. The third meeting was held last week on Thursday. We talked about self-esteem, showed our strengths, talents, and learn to recognize our desires. It was very interesting! We are very grateful to our guest of the evening Vita Konovalova for interesting information and an incredible […]

mission-61 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage,
Mission №61

Before the trip, we got a request from the Administration of the Center for winter shoes and medicines. We decided to respond to their requests and decided to help with shoes and, on this occasion, congratulated children with the upcoming holidays. Before the trip were bought 39 pairs of winter shoes. The trip lasted 2 […]

oriana "Ridny dim" orphanage,“Oriana” orphanage,
Mission №59-60

We tried to congratulate kids of orphanages, where we often go before the New Year holidays. But also, we decided to visit orphanages, that are on the long distant from Kiev, we visit them less frequently. On the eve of the trip, we talked with the management of orphanages and specified basic needs. Per their […]

New-Borova-orphanage Novoborivskyi orphanage,
Mission №58

  Before the trip, we received by post letters from all 83 orphans of Novoborivskyi orphanage. These letters were written to St. Nicholas Day by the girls, they expressed their wishes and dreams. Therefore, this trip was very important – we take the responsibility to implement all 83 letters. Preparation to this mission was conducted […]

kovzani "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №57

We could not forget to greet our friends from “Gnizdechko”  orphanage because it is the most desired holiday for children. We try to make each trip special. And this mission – not the exception. We spent the whole day together in Vinnytsia. First, we acquired a large amount of necessary warm clothes. Then, after all, […]

1 Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №54

  Our team fully prepared for the International Day of people with disability trip. We visited disability people orphanage to bought several wear units, sweets, and fruits. It’s an institution for children with physical and mental disabilities and this day is celebrated each year. Volunteers collected an old wear, toys for the children. We gathered all […]

vstrecha-vypusknikov1 Blog, Our projects
The second meeting of orphanage graduates

As part of our project «We are together, We are with you» to help graduates, who study in Kiev region –  we organized a club for them. We hold meetings in the club once a month. We pick the topic which is actual for the orphans and invite interesting speakers. In the process our graduates […]

5 Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №53

This trip was planned with volunteers. This institution is for children with disabilities (mental and physical) – they have a steady day. That’s why our visits are usually in the morning till the dinner. This time our mission included: – preparing hot sandwiches (3 and 4 profile) – watercolor paintings (3 and 4 profile) – […]

1 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage,
Mission №52

  The main three goals of this trip are: the realization of the project “It is trendy to be healthy” and communication with children about the topics from last meetings. presentation the Guide book “Superheroes secrets” to congratulate the authors of crafts, sold on auction and give them presents. It was a two-day trip. Previously, […]

gnizdechko "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №50

  Our trip was planned specifically to holidays in Vinnytsia schools. The Foundation employee Ivanna was a three days held together with orphans from “Gnizdechko” orphanage. Previously, we have agreed with them, how we can use funds raised at the auction in Paris. They expressed a desire to go on a trip in Kamenetz-Podolsk and […]

mission-47 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №47

We continue to provide new help following the results of the auction. Korostyshev orphanage has presented group and individual crafts on the Auction. We have contacted with the administration of the orphanage about their needs and how we can help them by the using the money of group crafts from the auction and about what […]

img_7693 Blog
3rd Charity Auction in Paris!

22 September, we successfully conducted the 3-rd Charity Auction in Paris! It was a fine evening where the guests from different corners of the world could purchase the hand-made products authors of which were orphanages graduates from Slavutich, Korostisheva, Vinnitsa, and Svyatogorsk cities thus to become a part of the remarkable things – charity. During […]

IMG_0115 Our projects
We released “My favourite diary…” for our favourite girls

Such a great good news – in the framework of the project “It’s trendy to be healthy,” we have created a unique and unmistakable diary-book that contains a carefully selected and thought-out information important for every girl in their teens. The information in the diary started  as a letters – real stories of the main […]

IMG_0139 "The Center of Child protection" orphanage,
Happy Independence Day!

Today we congratulate you with Happy Independence Day of Ukraine! The country is reaching for fertile lands with the different climate, beautiful mountains, seas, perfect language, and humans! Wonderful kids grow up in our land! Let them grow into the strong and successful country! Common let’s do it together because it’s our country and that’s […]

IMG_0824 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage,
Mission №43

The 43d mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to provide help to the “Smaragdove misto” orphanage, Sosnovoe village, Donetsk region. 400 children from 3 to 18 years are currently living in this house surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The “Smaragdove misto” is fully equipped with everything necessary for good living conditions. Facilities include a […]

цзд 2 "The Center of Child protection" orphanage,The Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Slavutych,
Mission №42

The mission was conducted on June 2nd, 2016. The 42th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to celebrate International Children’s Day with the orphans from the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in the town of Slavutych and the orphanage “Center of Child Protection”. Speaking to the educators of the orphanages, the […]

IMG_0023 Velykopolovetska special boarding school,
Mission №41

The mission was conducted May 27th, 2016. The 41st mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help an orphanage in the village of Velykopolovetsk. 74 orphans from 6 to 16 are living at the orphanage. These children are diagnosed with mental and physical disabilities. The home consists of a residential building, educational building and a […]

IMG_8575 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №40

The mission was conducted May 19th, 2016. The 40th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living at the orphanage and ten of them are pre-school age. They are divided into 6 groups, 2 of them being groups for children with mental disabilities. The […]

Без заголовка "Smaragdove misto" orphanage,
Mission №39

The mission was conducted May 11-12, 2016. The 39th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to provide help to theorphanage “Smaragdove misto”, Sosnovoe village, Donetsk region (645 km from Kyiv). There are 400 children, boys and girls from 3 to 18 years old. The main aim of the visit was to implement the educational programme […]

ніжин 38-5 Nizhyn orphanage,
Mission №38

The mission was conducted April 28, 2016. For the 38th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation the team went to the orphanage in the town Nizhyn, Chernigiv region, 175 km from Kyiv. There are 100 children currently under the care of this shelter. The children are brought here because their parents have died or lost […]

гніздечко 37-3 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №37

The mission was conducted April 21th, 2016. The 37th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Gnizdechko orphanage in the town of Vinnytsia, 260 km from Kiev. Gnizdechko orphanage has existed for 35 years and Mykhailo Viktorovych has been the Director from the very beginning. Seventy children from 4 to 17 are living […]

коростишів 36 -2 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №36

The mission was conducted April 14th, 2016. The 36th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation was to help the orphanage in the Korostyshiv town, nearly 109 km from Kyiv. There 120 kids with physical disabilities and mental disorders live in the house, where they are provided with special education programs and text-books. The talented kids […]

нова борова Novoborivskyi orphanage,
Mission №35

The mission was conducted April 7th, 2016. The 35th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Novoborivskyi orphanage for the fifth time. Girls aged from 4 to 35 years are living there and all of them have problems with mental and physical disabilities. The talented kids from this orphanage created beautiful crafts that […]

коростишев Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №34

The mission was conducted April 1st, 2016. The 34th mission of the Fair Finance Foundation was to help for the third time the Korostyshiv town orphanage, nearly 109 km from Kyiv. The 120 kids living in the Korostyshiv orphanage are diagnosed with mental and physical disabilities. Even if the kids there face life with various […]

12932856_1574852769492601_6330535858962910471_n The Center for Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Slavutych,
Mission №33

The 33rd mission of the Fair Finance Foundation was to help the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in the town Slavutych, Kyiv region, 255 km from Kyiv. There are twenty-nine kids from 4-25 years old who currently live in this orphanage; all of them have mental and physical disabilities. It was […]

mission-34 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №32

This was already the fourth visit to the “Gnizdechko” orphanage. This time, the main purpose of the trip was to help in purchasing shoes for the national dance contest. As was noted earlier, some orphans are engaged in dances (hip-hop) with a local trainer, who visits children two or three times per week. They have […]

mission-31 Velykopolovetska special boarding school,
Mission №31

Thus, the mission was very intensive and interesting. Children greeted us very happily. Most of the volunteers were already familiar with the children. We visited this place for the third time. First, we all gathered in the hall to discuss the works of art, presented by one of the volunteers. Zhenia gives this master-class regularly. […]

mission-30 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №30

At 10 a.m. we met volunteers and hit the road. Around 11:30 we arrived at the destination. We followed the program conceived the day before. On arrival to the institution, we separate the girls and boys and interviewed them on hygiene and sexual education. Then we conducted the survey. We paid more attention to the […]

mission-29 Korostyshevska special boarding school,
Mission №29

Before the trip, we bought all the necessary products, demanded by the orphanage Directorate. We met the pupils of the boarding school  before  in the park “Winter country”. We noticed, that  three boys was in very bad, torn shoes, so we decided to give them new ones. We arrived at the place of our destination […]

_ev_post "Smaragdove misto" orphanage,
Laptops for graduates from “Smaragdove misto” orphanage.

Fair Finance Foundation gave as a present 5 notebooks for graduates from “Smaragdove misto” orphanage which have finished first semester in University. When they are a student’s. Personal laptops will help them to study and to finish the university on high level. The lucky ones were happy to accept our gifts, and the Foundation team promised […]

mission-28 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №28

This is the third visit to the orphanage. The girl often writes us and invite us to come. Of course, we couldn’t to forgot to congratulate them with the coming holidays. The main purpose of the visit was to create a holiday mood for girls. As each child has their own desires, needs, we decided […]

Mission 27 Novoborivskyi orphanage,
Mission №27

This is the fourth visit to this orphanage. And, for the second time, along with volunteers. Previously we had conceived the program of the day. Even prior to the trip every girl wrote a letter to Santa Claus with her wishes. Closer to the trip we divided all the presents between people-volunteers. The Foundation took […]

mission-26 Velykopolovetska special boarding school,
Mission №26

The mission started at 12 am. Near 18 volunteers also participated in the mission. It was a big and creative company of people who want to congratulate orphans with the Saint Nicholas Day. We arrived at the orphanage near 2 pm. Previously we agreed about the program of the day: master class on making Christmas […]

mission 25 "The Center of Child protection" orphanage,
Mission №25

After the holiday at the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Disabled Children, we came to an orphanage. This is the third visit, the last time we stayed here overnight and had a great day outdoors. All this time we kept in touch with the director of the orphanage. During this visit, we had not […]

mission 23 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №23

We made the second visit of our team into this orphanage. The first visit we conducted a month ago – on October 22. (19th Mission). Our team really became a friend with kids and we actively kept in touch with them the whole time, so we decided to visit them and, to make a small […]

mission 22 “Oriana” orphanage,
Mission №22

We arrived at “Oriana” orphanage near 6 pm. We met with the children, talk to them, handed them some hygiene. Our team arrived late, so we did not have much time. There are only 3 older girls in this orphanage. We talked with them, conducted a survey and master class on a method of breast […]

mission-21 "Ridny dim" orphanage,
Mission №21

Before the trip, we talked with the director of the orphanage and found out what they need. The director told us about the need of hygiene products, household chemicals, stationery. Since children attend school in the morning we decided to buy the necessary goods locally (closer to the orphanage). We arrived at the orphanage about 1 […]

mission-20 "Ridny dim" orphanage,
Mission №20

We started our trip at 7 am on Tuesday, Nov 10 and finished it on Thursday, Nov 12. Point of destination: “Ridny dim” orphanage in the village Sasiv, 466 km from Kyiv. Information about the orphanage: The Director of this orphanage throughout all its existence is Banakh Oleg. He is a winsome kind person. The […]

mission-19 "Gnizdechko" orphanage,
Mission №19

Point of destination: Gnizdechko orphanage in Vinnytsia. Address: Vinnytsia, vul. Khmelnytske shosse 110 (260 km from Kyiv) Info about the orphanage: Gnizdechko exists for 35 years now. Mykhailo Viktorovych, its director, has been employed there for 33 years. At this moment 70 kids, aged 4 to 17, are being raised there, 10 of them being pre-school, […]

mission-18 Novoborivskyi orphanage,
Mission №18

We have participated in a charity trip to the Novoborivskyi orphanage on September 26th.. We were in this orphanage twice (December 24; March 14). We conducted this trip with volunteers through the information portal “detdom.info” with whom we collaborate. Ten people attended in this trip. One of them was Ivanna Romaniuk, Foundation Assistant. She represented […]

mission-17 Orphanages
Mission №17

The mission was conducted July, 3. Point of destination – orphanage in Kryvyi Rih town, Dnepropetrovsk region, 425 km from Kyiv. After visit to the orphanage “Perlinka” in Kirovograd region, we stayed in the village Marianivka for the night, 20 kilometers from Kryvyi Rih. The quality of the roads is bad that’s why we had […]

mission-16 Orphanages
Mission №16

The mission was conducted July, 2. Point of destination – orphanage “Perlynka” in the village Voynivka, Kirovohrad region, 340 km from Kyiv. On the eve, we prepared everything for the mission – we bought necessary goods – summer shoes, games, ball, and sweets. Mission started at 7 a.m., July 2. About 1 pm we were […]

mission-15 Orphanages
Mission №15

The mission was conducted June, 19. The point of destination – Kyiv regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in the town Boguslav, Kyiv region, 125 km from Kyiv. The Director told us about a difficult situation with summer shoes and food products in the orphanage, so we decided to buy these goods. […]

mission-14 "The Center of Child protection" orphanage,
Mission №14

The mission was conducted June, 3. The point of destination Centre of Child Protection in Slavutych town, Kyiv region, 255 km from Kyiv. This trip was planned especially for International Children’s Day. Previously we were invited to the celebration by the administrations of children’s homes, so we decided to go there. In addition, there are […]

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