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It's trendy to be healthy

“It’s trendy to be healthy ” – is the biggest ongoing project of our Foundation. This is one of the main activities. After our first meetings with children in the orphanages we realized how poor are their knowledge about their own health, especially about intimate part of it. Many children do not even know the main rules of hygiene, which usually tell parents. About sexuality they know from movies or from their friends – teenagers. Therefore, we decided to talk to them about these issues and conducted a survey in which we have identified the main topics for discussion. It is very important that children feel comfortable in these conversations that they could ask their exciting topics. Therefore, we chose the method of  plain talk – we do not collect them all together in assembly halls and not lectured – we choose the similar age, deal separately with boys and girls and select the desired information for each group of children. During the meeting we also give orphans personal hygiene items, various information materials to help better understand yourself and your body. Especially we’ve focused on adolescents – it is the most sensitive and delicate age, which is so important to consult with someone to share experiences. During the discussions, we try to create a friendly atmosphere, often telling examples from life, we try to give them  the most affordable information. As part of the project, we have created a unique information product – “Dear diary ..” – a book\ diary for girls in which we collected the most important and useful information, which is needed every girl in their teens. The information in the diary started  as a letters – real stories of the main character – Anna Maria, which somehow confronted almost every girl in the life. After the letter we tell how to cope with this situation and why it appeared so. In addition, we have created a magazine-book, “Secrets of a superhero,”  for boys, which contains all the most important and carefully selected advices for  boys in their teens. We picked up the information and divided it in two parts – the first – the theoretical part and the second – is  advices and stories of famous people.

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Сумський Центр Соціально-психологічної реабілітації The Center for Psychological & Social Rehabilitation of Sumy region
Mission №68

We have not been here before, so, first, we looked at the living conditions of children’s stay. Despite extremely low financing, the building is being renovated gradually. There is a beautiful room for psychoemotional unloading, art therapy, music therapy and so on in the center. Currently, 9 teenage girls from 14 to 17 years old […]

img_9878 Novoborivskyi orphanage
Dental care for orphans

This trip was not ordinary for us because we were part of the movement “Mercy Van” headed by Stephan Terletskiy. “Mercy Van” – is a movement that provides dental care to needy populations. Together we decided to help to Novoborivskyi orphanage. Within two years, we noted that most children have serious problems with the state of […]

IMG_0115 Our projects
We released “My favourite diary…” for our favourite girls

Such a great good news – in the framework of the project “It’s trendy to be healthy,” we have created a unique and unmistakable diary-book that contains a carefully selected and thought-out information important for every girl in their teens. The information in the diary started  as a letters – real stories of the main […]

IMG_0824 "Smaragdove misto" orphanage
Mission №43

The 43d mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to provide help to the “Smaragdove misto” orphanage, Sosnovoe village, Donetsk region. 400 children from 3 to 18 years are currently living in this house surrounded by a beautiful pine forest. The “Smaragdove misto” is fully equipped with everything necessary for good living conditions. Facilities include a […]

Без заголовка "Smaragdove misto" orphanage
Mission №39

The mission was conducted May 11-12, 2016. The 39th mission of Fair Finance Foundation was to provide help to theorphanage “Smaragdove misto”, Sosnovoe village, Donetsk region (645 km from Kyiv). There are 400 children, boys and girls from 3 to 18 years old. The main aim of the visit was to implement the educational programme […]

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